Protégé International to release premium rum variant in The Wild Geese range


The skull on the label of The Wild Geese Golden Rum, the value for money variant in the range, glows under black light

André Levy, CEO of Protégé International, recently told Americas Duty Free that the company is planning on launching a premium rum to go alongside The Wild Geese Golden Rum, released last year. The rums are an extension of The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey range, which includes Rare Irish Whiskey; Limited Edition; Single Malt; and Classic Blend expressions.

“We’re hoping to have the new premium rum ready for Cannes,” Levy told us. “At the moment we haven’t done too much in duty free with The Wild Geese Golden Rum as we believe it’s better to approach operators with two SKUs—the value for money rum which we currently have and the upcoming premium rum.”

The Wild Geese Golden Rum is a blend of Caribbean rums aged up to five years and Levy tells us that those who try it often perceive it as being a more expensive liquid. Until the premium rum is released, though, Levy sees a home for The Wild Geese Golden Rum mostly in the on-trade. The skull on the label glows under black light and would fits perfectly in trendy night spots around the world.

“The skull is a representation of pirates, and many people don’t know this but about 15% of pirates in the Caribbean were actually Irish,” Levy tells us. “Tradition and the story of The Wild Geese is very important to our whiskey range, and keeping a sort of continuity in the story was a prime consideration for us when releasing this rum.”

Tradition times four; The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey range

Following the Treaty of Limerick in 1691, many Irish were exiled and forced to leave their homes. Calling themselves The Wild Geese, a portion of these Irish rebels ended up in the Caribbean. Of course, tradition is something that whisk(e)y aficionados expect from their dram of choice and the story of The Wild Geese is replete with drama and roots that go back over 300 years. Fortunately for Protégé International, the story that started in Ireland extends naturally to the Caribbean and hence applies perfectly to The Wild Geese Golden Rum.

And speaking of Protégé International’s The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey range, Levy says that it is performing very well in travel retail. Most recently in Singapore at the TFWA AP Exhibition Protégé International sported a brand new booth to showcase its wares, which included a new gift pack for The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey and new packaging for the Straight Eight and High Roller cigarette brands.